SWAP provides blockchain solutions for valued customers and project parties on our one-stop top-tier integrated platform

  1. Integrate global financial product suppliers and provide quality financial products.
  2. Trade with speedy, convenient and safe platform.
  3. Increase the liquidity of global cross-boundary asset allocation, such as financial products, shopping and medical beauty etc.

About SWAP Token

SWAP Token is a carrier for the flow of platform trading. The use of digital currency can fulfil all needs in order not only to solve the problem for capital flow cross-boundary, but also to bring great convenience and to allow general investors to deal with high quality industrial investments.

AUO Model

Transform huge investment projects into small units

Managed by a Hong Kong Trust Company and screened by a third-party rating agency and a professional management consultant team

Increased liquidity of project equity for the listing of digital assets on a decentralized exchanges

  • Solve the difficulty of financing for high-quality projects of SMEs
  • Provide much difficult-to-reach quality projects for investors  

About SWAP

  • Hosting quality projects through companies with legal trust licenses in Hong Kong
  • Implement the AUO model through the trust structure
  • For example, applications in: real estate, equity, tourism, antiques and other projects are converted into digital assets and issuance and offering of digital assets
  • AUO model increases the liquidity of project equity
  • Solve the difficulty of financing for high-quality projects of SMEs